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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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"Oh, I do, I do... I live in Weld county... thanks"

I wondered how many of those girls were on birth control. Maybe I knocked a few up, I thought with a smile.

"Okay, girls, for gym class we're going to have ourselves a nice little orgy," I ordered. "So grab a partner and discover how great it is to pleasure another woman. " Friends paired up with friends and the locker room was filled with feminine sighs and moans and giggles.

Addison, the slightly plump, in a kinda sexy way, red-headed I met earlier, was bent over a bench while a Black girl ate her cunt. An Asian girl and a White girl were sixty-nining on the floor.

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Damn you are here .. I'm searching you everywhere ??


No dear, I didn't say "you" were guilty of all those sins but that to deny the "trinity-God in three" is to call the Word of God, the Bible, a liar. I do not go by mans theology but by His Holy Word only!


Hmmm... A conservative who reads the Constitution and emerges as a liberal! Seriously though, individual liberty is what the Constitution is all about. It is very good that you recognize this. As long as you are favoring individual rights across the board, you are on the right track (conservative or liberal).


Where is it??? Was it published?? Did you read it?? That report on his desk could just be the invoice from Staples for his office supplies.


:-) like flirt ?


I dont have time to cry n be emotional.


That's a awesome pic. *Saved*


There was no campaign finance fraud - he paid with his own money, not campaign money.


How do you see them at all similar?

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