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Monday, August 27, 2018

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"Me too. I?m surprised at how much it impacted me. He will be missed."

Hikaru's cunt felt tighter as she looked down in shame at people watching her fucking, no longer moaning her pleasure. She stopped moaning when the girls came in, biting her lip and looking away in shame.

"Mark's scouting for pussy. " "And aren't you some pretty pussy. " I stroked her trembling face. "Are you a virgin, Jerri?" "No," she muttered, looking away from me.

Well I didn't think I'd find my virgin on the first girl. "Well, drop your leggings and panties," I told her, my cock hard in my pants begging for some relief.

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At this point I don't even think Wal-Mart would hire him... too much risk of a negative reaction from customers. He's made himself unemployable.


Just to be clear, are you suggesting that we give immigrants much less than a living wage so that corporations can get more profits in order to lessen the economic costs of abortion on our senior citizens?


Alan Rickman made it all worthwhile :-)


I do I?m not gonna lie.


I volunteer as tribute

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