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Sunday, July 15, 2018

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"And you couldn't find a point to make your case within current events. That says it all. Nice try!"

"Girls, line up, naked. " The teacher walked out in stunned surprise and the fifteen or so teenage girls started stripping naked.

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I check in on them and found Petrina happily drinking her pee in a bathroom stall and Maya happily getting her sloppy cunt eaten out by Petrina. "She's the best," Maya moaned.

"We're going to have a lot of fun this summer!" I slipped into an English class. A thin, bony woman, who looked like all the ohcarovashek had been sucked out of her body, leaving a withered old hag behind, was reading from Shakespeare. Macbeth, I think.

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Hey Lantern, how's your day treating you so far


Maybe your eyes aren't open to them.


[email protected] Yeah,was in the Truth Newspaper,remember as a kid the old man used to buy every Friday for the sport/Racing guide.Samantha Fox was the numero uno for me.??????


Fair enough. Let me set you up to poke a happy, fed tiger with a stick.


I asked a question- you skills in defining your position are lacking, ad hominem boy.


Trump is not hated throughout the world ...that is a lefty myth.


lol tha explains why torchy likes them, they were his favs before he got married


2. I mean if we are talking deities in the most broad sense as beings of a higher order than humans, yes. If you mean Zeus, no. We've yet to find the ruins of his abode on Olympus or studied a sample ichor.


Unless, of course, the Constitution said it was a right to keep the polio virus in a jar at your house.


I talked to the CEO he is going to do it for you, no worries.

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