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Monday, March 19, 2018

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"That you are making hasty generalizations."

Petrina rose up, wrapping her arms around the girls hips as her head disappeared beneath the girls skirt. Petrina's cunt squeezed my cock as the new girl relaxed, her Teasew open in awe, as she pissed in Petrina's mouth.

"Why don't you fuck her tight ass," I told the janitor. The girl moaned in pain as the janitor's cock slid into her cornhole.

Her pussy got real tight as the janitor reamed her ass and I plowed her cunt. Soon, the girl was panting and moaning in pleasure, clutching me tightly as both her holes were fucked.

The janitor came first, probably the first taste of teenage ass he ever had.

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I thought I was saving water


Yep! ... Gotta go now!


You dont even know where he has been..:-))


Moses didn't even exist as portrayed in the Bible. It is all fable.


I like CH. He's kinda like Chuck Norris, except not as deadly.


So that's a "You got me. I don't like this article because I feel its negative towards illegal immigrants. Since I can't dispute what is provided in the article, I will then have to deflect to Trump."


That's a stupid shake.


Major assumptions. Here what is more likely true when Western medicine came to those countries and started programs they also educated the population about sanitation, diet, and clean water.

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