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Friday, March 23, 2018

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""But citing the NRA to dispute that the NRA isn't a gun manufacturer lobbying arm? Nah - that's no good!""


I was starving, and the cafeteria was just up the hall from the locker room. It was the first lunch period, I learned, from a saucy girl with brunette hair while waiting to get some food. Her name was Whitney and she wasn't a virgin.

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No, it's not. In Catholicism, it's considered to be an actual phenomenon.


NOT! Women are attracted to beards. Why would you want to turn women off Silver? Even if you?re a s/o you still want to look distinguished and handsome to your partner. I would expect that from my man as I would do my dambdest to look good to him.


we are trouble x2 haha


I am good


Well ... get rid of the government subsidies and these part-time employees will suddenly want to work full time.


Where are you getting that?


Cake maker was not sued, he was fined for violating state law. And the large fine was prompted by his refusal to comply with the law after he was found in violation.


hehehe oh those yeah really. that's a good one. who to ask is the question


There is no argument. That is how it is. And had you known that, before preaching what is not, you would not have treated the message as you did.


he would tell you that pascals wager is an illogical stupid and double edged thing that cuts equally the hand of the one who wields it. it presumes there is a god, and that the god is the one from the bible. better to not worship any gods or worship them all lest you offend those who might be correct.

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