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Sunday, March 18, 2018

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"Then it looks like there is only one way to get at the truth of this issue and that is to open the records that McCain fought to keep sealed."

Moments later, a low, throaty moan and the slap of flesh came from the principals office.

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Liberals just don't like it when the country is doing well. It leaves them without a reason for their welfare enslavement of the masses.


Apparently for real -


That might work lmao!????


Obama returned the Iranian deposit on a military purchase we had seized when the Iranian students took US hostages.


I totally agree!


How is it logical and reasonable to say that a car with its many systems, could not have "evolved" through natural means, without the necessity of designers, and builders, but the very same thing is said of mankind who by the way is the ones who are capable of designing and building that same car. If seeing a car is enough to know that a designer and builder(s) exist (no rational person would deny this), why is it not the same for looking at humans and other life, which have much more complex systems??

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