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Saturday, September 1, 2018

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"We need to start a pic sharing thread :)"

I didn't mean for the boys to stand up, then I thought about it. I was a virgin through high school and it wasn't fair that all those girls didn't put out for me.

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Those were some lucky boys, Addison was definitely slutty. In the hallway I saw an Asian girl disappear into the bathroom. Last night, I had promised my friends to get them their own slaves and Tom was the last one I needed to get.

Tom asked me to find him a petite, Asian teenager with a hairy bush for a sex slave. This girl was petite and Asian.

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Ok that's what I thought you were when I looked at some of your pics. I was just afraid to ask.


Really? You had me fooled. ??????


I have a mini farm, hope to die there watching my plants grow. just saying


You're welcome. Always much better to have the source documents. No matter where you get your news it's going to be some sort of summary of the suit and not the details.


There are multiple theories of evolution. The scientific form of evolution is speciation within a family, descent with modification. The unscientific form of evolution is microbe to microbiologist i.e. from goo to you by way of the zoo.


Kinda of odd just what deaths are politicized so heavily in this country.


Who is supporting them? Geez, dude


If anything one believe in is a religion, they are too.

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