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Monday, March 26, 2018

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"I'd rather belong to the "generation of vipers" than to the "generation of gullible idiots"."

Addison giggled, her face sticky, and found another girl who was free and the pair slipped into a sixty-nine. I spread the auburn-haired girl's ass open and buggered her good and hard.

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"Everyone, just listen to the teacher read for Macbeth," I ordered, walking back to the class. Her name was Jessamine and I bent her over her desk, flipped up her red and green tartan skirt and pulled down a pair of frilly, yellow panties.

I rubbed her bushy cunt a few times, feeling her moistening then I slid into her and she groaned loudly. "Oh man!" she gasped. "Umm, that feels nice. " Sitting next to Jessamine, was a coffee-skinned, Black girl who watched with fascination as I fucked Jessamine.

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If the IDer is all knowing, like most IDers say, then yeah, it should be designed better, that or we have a bad designer.


Most of Acts has been totally discredited.


You think Trump will ever talk to Mueller?


What beliefs do we have?


You are right!!! ??????????????????


If you view it as ridiculous, believe as you want.

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