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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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She was on her knees, and I ordered her, "Spread your legs and start peeing, bitch. " The girl spread her legs.

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The teacher, Miss Blythe, according to the plaque on her desk, was a fiery-redhead bombshell with a pair of big tits straining a sleeveless, tan blouse. All the boys in the class started lustfully at the teacher as she wrote on the whiteboard, her breasts jiggling beneath her blouse. Her nice ass was covered by a tight, knee length pencil skirt, that was a the same tan as the blouse.

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That is the only thing saving certain Democrat politicians.


That particular comment was just one of several he made to several people. He was here to yank people's chains and more than likely a sock.


For sure Molls...????????????


I'm glad you recognize it's a choice to be made. By the pregnant person, not someone she's never met. We have this thing called bodily autonomy. You should know - the Brits adopted it from the Romans centuries ago. We simply continued with good public policy. People's wishes for their remains are respected (legally) after they die; we cannot harvest their organs against their wishes no matter how many lives would be saved. Why should a woman have fewer rights than a corpse?


This is just conservative cowardice. Conservatives are going to hate immigrants whether they commit a crime or not. Hating minorities is the conservative platform


I been thinking of making a post just don?t have the patience to set it up yet I'm having fun commenting the stuff that catch my interest for now


I like that: Reasonable Republicans. A dying breed.


I don't need a "fellowship" with someone to have them directly communicate with me. I haven't created a "fellowship" with you, yet we're still communicating.


I hope so. I would rather have a criminal indictment after the term and a forfeiture of assets upon conviction. The asshole and his dress maker daughter have already enriched themselves so removal does nothing to these dirtbags personally.

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