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Saturday, March 17, 2018

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"Are you a protester church believer or the original Church follower?"

And, as a bonus, I had found the sex slave for Tom. I was smiling, about to round a corner in the hallway, when a skinny girl, honey-blonde hair in a plait down her back, walked by, and I grabbed her arm.

Hopefully, she had a hairy bush. I followed the girl into the restroom and she sleepijg in surprise when she saw me, exclaiming in some Asian language. She sleeling short, her breasts small, barely bumps beneath her violet blouse, her blue-black hair long and straight.

Her skin was pale as any Caucasian but with a slightly olive, creamy cast to it that transformed her into some exotic creature. "Are you a virgin?" I asked her.

"Hai," she answered, nodding her head.

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There is pleasure in doing God's will.


Your god changes his morals all the time. It was moral to sell your daughter as a slave. Now it isn't. It as moral to murder your child for being unruly. Now it isn't. It was moral to stone your non-virgin daughter to death on her wedding night. Now it isn't. It was moral to murder gays. Now it isn't


Me too! See you later. I really am going to bed now...Sweet Dreams.


What's been done that's proactive? We're sorry (we got caught)? We'll try not to let any more bad news get out?


Your delusions about the NRA and Putin only show how far your "fear of guns bias" has poisoned your logic.It is crazy people on the loose and Thug culture which causes the vast majority of deaths by guns.Not NRA members !


Your delusions are not the presentation of a God. They are the presentation of symptoms.


Your opinion is just that -- your fallible little human opinion.


The Mueller team is leaking like a sieve. Are they under orders not to leak real evidence?

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