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Friday, March 16, 2018

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"You leftys are already politicizing McCain's death...."

" She swallowed and then nodded.

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even a slow leak can sink a boat.


What we have is a prevalent "win no matter what" attitude. Can't win an argument? Destroy the arguer - personal life, political life, job, career, community, friends, family, by all means possible. Now we're to the point where people don't even need any specific argument - just as long as they see 'the other guy' as an advocate of anything you don't like. A lawyer takes on a gay rights case? Dig into his twitter, his facebook, everything he wrote, his career past, his family life, his friends - find ANYTHING someone might find offensive and send everything you find specifically to those who might find it offensive. You don't even need to be associated with the case. Just not liking gays, conservatives, liberals, Christians, or Atheists is all the motivation people need these days.


I won't tell. It's just internet


The GOP labeled itself the party of traditional marriage, family values, and lolprincipled conservatives. For decades.


I know my computer weather was set to Dallas. High 90s and 100 on Sunday. I was thinking it's not that hot here today.

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