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Saturday, March 17, 2018

79 Voices

"And this ridiculous image macro has absolutely nothing to do with what I wrote. Have troubles focusing?"

Daisy and I rubbed our cunnies together as we watched.

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My cock was raging hard as I pulled off my clothes, and the girls flushed, some looking boldly at my cock, others looking ledibopyrostitutka in embarrassment. And some that looked away were sneaking curious peaks. Finally, all naked, fifteen gorgeous teenagers lined up before me.

They were short and tall, curvy and skinny. Some had big breasts, others little ones.

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Yes it does and a summarized it perfectly.


(It's) always fun to see you write conclusions, unrelated to reality.


Chevy for da Betties.


You're right but Mollies death probably won't be used as a political tool


Heck yeah, that thing is too much for me, I would hate to be in traffic with that. You gently tap the gas and your at 60!

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