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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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"The economy is so awesome...Sears just announced they were closing down 46 more stores! And Toys-R-Us just closed almost all their stores earlier this year. MAGA! That is a lot of retail employees out of a job. Hey, maybe the steel mills or coal mines can hire them?"

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So a monument to Satan is just a monument. Not a big deal, right?


Okay. Go sit down, take your meds and try again in clear understandable English.


??I will bro ??


Haha yeah. There?s probably a Star Wars Church our there somewhere. Just what some people do.


It's Kait. ??


Cool. My step dad was born there.


You are Trubbs.


I Don't remember giant spiders in the Bible


Of course it's a matter of faith for the scientist


May God bless you and your family Sen John McCain. I'm not a conservative. But if I ever have a change of heart, and become a conservative. I want to be just like you. It was leaders like you that made America the greatest country in the world!!!

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