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Friday, March 23, 2018

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"Its bad here in Portland. Haven't seen the sky in what seems like a week. My eyes are watery and itchy the last few days."

She pulled out a binder labeled, "Visitor Badges," from a drawer. She mebmer around the spilled pens and found a permanent sharpie and wrote, "Mark, Pussy Scout," on the badge and peeled it off the page.

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"Well, drop your leggings and panties," I told her, my cock hard in my pants begging for some relief. Jerri kicked off her shoes and reached under her skirt and pulled down her white leggings and blue panties in one motion, exposing her creamy, olive thighs. She used her feat to get the leggings off, her left foot pushing the leggins down off her right leg, pinning the fabric to the floor so she could mkuth out, then repeated with her other leg.

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LOL, yeah, sure thing Jeff. Your video game skills will finally pay off...


OOOHHHHHH YEAH, Marvin is my favorite character from Sin City.


So sad lol


8 lbs. of H335.

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