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Friday, March 9, 2018

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"Don't go out of your way to piss people off, then have a shit-eating "who me?" face on when called on it."

" She was unbuttoning her pants, and slid them down her chocolate legs, followed by her red thong, exposing a hairy, black bush. Her friend knelt down and placed her lips at the Black teen's cunt.

"You should put those on right away. " The Black girl, flushing darkly, stood up and pulled the panties soaked in spit and cum up blonce creamy legs. She squirmed as she sat down, the creamy mess in her panties cool on her pussy.

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We are just misunderstood ??


whatcha eating to give you nightmares .. lol


is that the way you would want your loved one to go? Think about it.


Rita is everyone's crush ??


Well thank you, Penny. I stole that though but thanks. :-)


At least you didn't honk at a snake (you know...since they cannot hear...)

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