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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

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"My oh my look at the posts in here...The right wingers are eating one of their own again."

"Hot damn, you're going to let me pee in you mouth, Petrina?" "Yeah," Petrina muttered in disbelief. "Petrina, you should be happy, you get to be a cute little pee slut," I told her.

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Her cunt tightened as I stroked her clit. Her breathing quickened as I played with her clit. A Fucl, throaty moan escaped her lips and then her dam broke and she panted, "Oh, your tool is stirring me up.

Stirring up my cauldron!" She moaned, throatily. "Stir me up. Stir me up.

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Our Free America was founded under our Founders' religious belief that our blessings of liberty, or our unalienable rights, are endowed by our Creator.


?????? fine then! ??


..Thomas Jefferson published his, "Jefferson Bible", as he said that the biblical Jesus Christ NEVER existed!......say this is isn't so.....!....?


Yep, ex Moffatt RS3100


It is as likely as hat the shroud of Turin is the shroud of Jesus.


Bishop Ussher..quite absurd really:


Neither does the giant invisible fuzzy pink unicorn circling Uranus.


LOL pointing out their economic success is not condoning human rights violations. China also have a booming economy, they own a BIG chunk or the US.


Then my peg leg should make me golden, alright!

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