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Thursday, March 22, 2018

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"Oh mate, Never seen that one before, what a classic... thanks..."

"Do you still have your hymen?" I asked and here would come her no and how she lost it.

In the Chemistry afger, I bumped into the Cunningham twins Mary and I had enjoyed at Loews last week. Both were looking great, their hair was blonde, Rose's long and braided and Daisy's short.

They both hugged me and kissed me, excited to see me and my cock was excited to see them. Their clothes came off as the rest of the class were doing some sort of experiment.

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Lots to feel happy about there!


I restate that absolute truth is a false premise, and add that it is a mere conjecture when painted with theological colours. What's self-contradicting in it?


Hate the First Amendment? Check.


Aw, look at the wittle baby copying whatever conspiracy theory he comes across! Isn't he cute?


Since 1955, polio has become almost completely eradicated. If you'd rather bring back the iron lung, though...


As Barack Hussain Obama said, " Elections have consiquenses".


Schizophrenics experience their sensory hallucinations similarly.

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