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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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"Suicide is entertainment to you? I'm sure you'd like to rephrase that, right?"

Her Black friend laughed, "She popped her cherry with a carrot.

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No janitor interrupted oon time and I fucked Melody to a screaming orgasm and then left a load of cum in her body as the final bell tolled, ending the school day.

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I read that in Macho Man's Voice LOL!!


Again, you need to read the indictments.


Oh, and I love Trump!! Along with 70+ million other Americans!!!


Glad things are doing better


hey - i would have fired bill clinton and obama if we could... so be careful what you wish for!!


Nice boat though mate.


If you don't know this couple, they are in a bomb shelter during the war. ~ Check it out: "Mrs. Miniver! "

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