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Monday, March 12, 2018

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"Ahh I understand......"

She was a bulldog of a woman, face reddening in anger, and looked like she could just tear my head off barehanded if she wanted to. "You, go teach the boys today, and don't tell anyone what's going on in here!" I barked.

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She reached behind her, fumbling at her bra clasp, and her ihto were revealed as she slipped her bra off her shoulder. Her breasts were little puffs of flesh, with dark, hard nipples. Finally, she peeled off her panties, exposing a black forest of pubic hair, so thick I couldn't even see her cunt.

"Well, you're what Tom wanted," I whispered to myself, and doggsitayl out for her pussy. She backed way and I snapped, "Don't resist!" She stopped and I slid my hand through her soft, silky pubic hair and found the tight slit of her cunt.

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Even if true (which it isn't), it would be totally worth it!


I have no problem with people protesting. I'm not sure, however, that kneeling during the anthem is the best way, but whatever. It seems their protest, which involves doing the very least effort on their part, is being miscommunicated and is sort of misguided. After the games they have microphones put in their faces. Why not use THAT time to voice their concerns? Have any of them done anything in the offseason to further their pursuit of their ultimate goals in this protest?


I suspect there may be a couple near me.


It's making a comeback in 2021 (The Snake)..check it out..looks really nice!


Let me know when Hillary is arrested


And yet you still continue to insist what your links do not say.

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