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Sunday, March 11, 2018

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"Enough of the left lies about the Benghazi hearings."

In the hallway I saw an Asian girl disappear into the bathroom. Last night, I had promised my friends to get them their own slaves and Tom was the last one I needed to get.

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Her pubic hair felt silky on my hand and I gently probed her cunt and felt a thin membrane stopping me from going too deep. "Well, it's your lucky day, Felicity," I told her. "Meet me at the flagpole after school and I'll take you home and you'll get your cherry popped.

" "I oh, okay," Felicity stammered, flustered. Behind her, Cad was gasping in an orgasm.

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Thank you for that, sincerely. I was asking for it, by posting. Not at all, were you a d*ck. I?m apologizing for the reckless post, that put us in this conversation. That?s all.


as long as you have it in your own heart not to believe, that's all on you. :)


Thanks for the post,


"The laws of physics don?t permit the Universe to exist, unless a supernatural Creator made it."


... and then drive it home after the race.


"So, since you say that abuse happens in schools, the Catholic Church should get a free pass? Is that it?"


"weak arguments & debate flaws." Like posting a fake image you think is from the ACLU? Or posting childish memes in general? I do love how you accuse others of what you are well known for.


If you have evidence what do you need faith for. Just present your evidence.


Nope, because loads of people support them, their protest has grown, and it has inspired other actions off the field by many.

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