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Monday, March 19, 2018

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"I saw a ten minute bit with Chris Matthews saying he must be impeached. Saw Maddow do a similar bit. Admittedly I don?t watch much cable news, but the little I did watch after the Cohen announcement included those two pushing for impeachment"

His blonde hair was cut short and turning white with age. Fierce, blue eyes glared at me.

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"Well, drop your leggings and panties," I told her, my cock hard in my pants begging for some relief. Jerri kicked off her shoes and reached under her skirt and pulled down her white leggings and blue panties in one motion, exposing her creamy, olive thighs.

She used her feat to get the leggings off, her left foot pushing the leggins down off her right leg, pinning the fabric to the floor so she could step out, then repeated with her other leg. I reached out and stroked her thigh, feeling her smooth leg.

"Unzip my pants and pull my cock out.

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Or there would be more people with more money buying more and creating more jobs and less people on welfare and a robust economy


Pinky promise was sweet. It was cute... just like you.


Exactly! The Shroud of Turin is a scam!!!


Lets not do liberal then...


"Its my experience that every Atheist I know is Leftist, big-government loving, Socialist."


And what is truth?


Like I said, there is always truth in my words!!


oh okay .. I can see why.. do you draw pokemon ?

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