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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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"Its also the only OP"

Panting, I pulled out of her and she slid to the floor. "The principals waiting," I told her and she stood up.

The janitor came first, probably the first taste of teenage ass he ever had. I creamed her cunt when her orgasm rolled through her.

When I walked out, the janitor was trying out her cunt, enjoying himself some sloppy seconds.

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I did the other half, though. I worked with Willie on his 'Nacogdoches' album.


Ok. It doesn't help that I'm also in love with AnTHORnia too. I really love talking with her too. Has this ever happened to you, having two women at the same time you really care about.


The wife and I each carry a blue allele so 1 in 4 children will have blue eyes, we also each carry an o- allele so 1 in 4 is also o-, we have had one blue eyed and blond haired and one o- out of six kids.


The dirty fork skit! Classic MP!


WHAT?? Mueller prosecuted AA for conspiracy and complicity.


Go to my profile and enter the Shop Talk Channel and the thread will have this pic


Then the Demwits will say in 2022:"Only two more years of the Trump administration left to go.


For every sixty seconds you are angry, you lose a minute of happiness.


The Ten Commandments are actually a pretty poor choice of ten rules to live by.


Better be ??????

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