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Monday, March 12, 2018

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"How do you date on internet? Do you order meal and book a table and send the payments or what?"

Her blue eyes, framed by red-rimmed glasses, widened in surprise, her hand going to her mouth. She wore a long, Black skirt and conservative, white blouse tucked into her skirt.

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Lots of places ran into print with this without bothering to do much checking. The AP checked... they tracked down the alleged mother. She denies ever being with Trump. They tracked down this fellow's wife; she says he's quite the storyteller: in addition to Trump's love child, he's also seen Bigfoot. And the chupacabra.


Where did I justify anyone's bad behavior? What bad behavior are you referring to? I pointed out faults in our culture that are directly linked to the influence of the church. What am I diverting from?


I'm sorry, you think somehow republican and Constitution are synonymous? That's a good one. Considering that it is born of classical liberalism thought.


On their birthday. It was a multi color birthday. Which he makes


Let me know when they find a law that Trump has broken.


I get a free show every 4th from my balcony


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He must have entered paid off the Lady Of the Lake.


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