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Sunday, March 18, 2018

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"Have you followed any news of events in South Africa?"

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I think it's both hilarious and educational...and it is an experiment in the democratic process.


Roy Moore and Trump


My mother's advice to my sisters was "pretty is as pretty does" which meant that how you presented yourself to the outside world was how the outside world perceives you. If your manner and dress is one that promotes sexuality and promiscuity coupled with a lenient society that promotes and allows such conduct (as evidenced by the nearly 73% illegitimate birth rate in the Black community), she is not far off the mark. Most children do not purchase their clothes, parents do, and it is the lack of involvement that she alludes to as a root cause and again she is not off the mark.


Most certainly NOT,if you scroll down,these are in tribute to our host,#97 fanboy&allround top bloke,despite unfortunate car orientation.??


So is it the case that god is willing to stop bad people from doing bad things but not able.


Noice clown faces ????????????


Did you watch the video?


Oops, sorry sis


He looks like a Rump sandwich.


He was let out of the signed agreements months ago, this isn't breaking news. Furthermore Trump had nothing to do with this agreement and it's common for the NE to buy stories then hold famous people hostage to appear on the front page of their rag paper. Their mode of operation is put this info in a vault and never publish it unless a celebrity or other famous person refuses to grace the cover of their paper, a story like this sells once, famous people sell over and over again.

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