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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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"Nobody wants to see me chomping down on a watermelon popsicle. ??"

Well I didn't think I'd find my virgin on the first girl. "Well, drop your leggings and panties," I told her, my cock hard in my pants begging for some relief.

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Her pubic hair felt silky on my hand and I gently probed her cunt and felt a thin membrane stopping me from going too deep. "Well, it's your lucky day, Felicity," I told her.

"Meet me at the flagpole after school and I'll take you home and you'll get your cherry popped. " "I oh, okay," Felicity stammered, flustered. Behind her, Maya was gasping in an orgasm.

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The governor of Arizona could always call for a special election instead of appointing a senator. Another republican replacing McCain is not a guarantee.


Irrelevant to the discussion. Candace's comment was meant to point out the racism of the first comment. And that it was banned pointed to the reality that Twitter allowed a racist comment against whites but banned one against blacks.


And I just love the totally non-partisan debates here:


I don't need to be a good salesman, for someone willing to buy something that may not exist. Its like shooting fish in a barrel.


Hang on mate,let me find one for your Grenache.??????


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Straight men are attracted to the same sex if they?re pedophiles? How did you come to that conclusion?


ICE on da way ?????? I?ll vouch for ya muffin.??????

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