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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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"Gee... Because maybe the public has an expectation that a public place of commerce and accommodation will actually serve all equally -- you know, like the law says."

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1/26/2017 Alyssa (Shang hai) English Teacher

When I walked out, the janitor was trying out her cunt, enjoying himself some sloppy seconds. Just as I walked in the next classroom, the bell rang and the period was over and students were darting out of class, shuffling about the school. I saw a cute girl disappear outside and I hurried after her.

She had auburn hair in giff ponytail and looked similar to Mary from behind. When I caught up with her, she had already crossed the courtyard and entered the gymcafeteria building and was about to enter the locker rooms.

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Whales share an ancestral linage with Hippopotamuses.


We are not made aware of it. However, we will eventually notice that a person is not responding to direct comments. At that point we give them a set amount of time to respond and if they do not we assume it is because they blocked us and they are then banned.


The real question is...what does "good" mean eh? :D ;)


No, I explained the phenomenon...and, there is no net impact.


I have never asserted that but some in the LGBTQ community are calling it assault and calling it an act of violence. Drama Queen bullshit imvho...but nevertheless, here take a gander

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