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Saturday, March 24, 2018

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"Please tell us what decorations the couple wanted on the cake that the baker objected to. Please tell us what words the couple wanted on the cake that the baker objected to."

"Petrina, you should be happy, you get to be a cute little pee slut," I told her.

Her friend was fair skinned, with saely round face, hazel eyes and long, brown hair. She wore a black skirt striped with red and a red halter top. "Don't leave," I ordered quickly, "and don't shout.

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What is this doors you speak of?


Wednesday is female crush night. I can upload you some pics of her.


Thank you, Rita. You are also a great, sweetheart, of a woman. I?m glad our paths crossed. :)


The Deep State is just conspiracy garbage. Deep State = the institution of the American government. When you talk about getting rid of the Deep State, what you are really doing is advocating an overthrow of our system of government. Gotta be smarter than this, man. You're buying into a lot of nonsense.


Very sad. [sigh]


Typically listen. They may know something I don?t.

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