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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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"I?m still playin it...covers, remix, acoustics, ????????????"

"And this little Asian slut's learning to do a good job. I'm going to cover your face in my juices, sugar.

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Jessamine gripped the edge of her desk Wrt I fucked her. The desk rasping on the linoleum floor of the classroom and was slowly inching its way forward.

Jessamine cunt was a vice on my cock when she came and I thought the desk might collapse as she spasmed atop it. When I was about to cum, I pulled out of her cunt, pulled the Black girls panties out of her mouth and jerked off into the sodden panties' gusset, leaving ropes of creamy cum plastering the crotch.

"Here's your panties back," I said. "You should put those on right away.

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Indeed or Jon Snows sword.


Most of my crushes are on Riverdale characters and I feel sad and alone when I think about that.


That doesn't make sense, someone receiving assistance has nothing to do with Amazon.


There was no REAL investigation into Clinton! Comey admitted she DID send and receive classified material on her unsecured server and wrote his exoneration memo 6 weeks BEFORE she or her staff were interviewed. Peter Strzok changed the wording of the memo from GROSS NEGLIGENCE a crime, to extreme carelessness. ALL of her staff were given IMMUNITY, before they testified, even her IT guy was given immunity and he STILL took the 5th. Law Professor and Constitutional scholar Jonathon Turley said if the Trump Tower meeting was ILLEGAL so to was the Hillary dossier! Why isn't Mueller looking at Hillary?


I don?t decide, the government writes the laws that dictate the immigration process. I want the laws enforced.


We're all surley.


Hey Heather how are you today.

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