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Friday, August 10, 2018

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"You continue to demonstrate your profound ignorance of science. We share common ancestry with other great apes. Most recently with chimpanzees. That ancestor lived about 5 million years ago."

A tight, white t-shirt with a rainbow across her breasts, emphasized her nice pair of tits. A short jean skirt over white leggings clung to her perky ass.

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Hikaru panted, looking downcast. I watched Fernie writhe on Petrina's lips, panting loudly.

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So the self righteous posturing of conservatives is in fact bullshit, not that there was any doubt. I'll file that away for future reference.


LOLOL!!! That would be funny! "It's not a bra: it's a BRO."


Whataboutism for $500, Alex.


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