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Sunday, March 18, 2018

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"Choose? You?re an ______"

" The teacher spluttered in outrage and I just talked over him, "Teachers and students, you just sit quietly until I tell you otherwise or until I leave," I ordered.

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She was strangely quiet and I liked my women to make noise when I'm fucking them. I could order her to moan, but I'd rather she did it on her own. So, I slid a hand down her side, reaching down to her groin and started to pinch her clit with my fingers.

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Your question indicates the idolatry, that god is the economy, and selfish pursuit of money, wealth, materialism is the law and the profits.


The Justice System should investigate crimes and bring people to justice not investigate people to find a crime.


Looks like a duck, swims like a beaver, breast feeds it?s young, and hatches babies from eggs.


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