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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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"Lawyers can be bane and a boon"

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Nope. Literally can't. I tried, but it seems I'm immune to sin.


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That's true of slavery as an American institution as well. Slaves were both domestic servants and hard labourers. Roman servi had a gamut of roles too.


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But they very often don't fire them. They just keep moving them around. It is a very complicite church that does that. All the way up to the Pope.


Are you kidding? Please reread your answer.


Someone asked what would happen. He answered. Should he have said 'no comment'? What would the reaction have been then? He did nothing more or less than state US policy. And I think the Scots and Irish have views on 'becoming an independent nation' against one's will.


And I just read the entry in Wikipedia, and it doesn't even suggest what you think it does. Simply because the word "behavior" is in the first paragraph isn't the same thing as stating they are interchangeable with orientation, and reading the article in full, and the related links, doesn't paint the picture you're painting.


Are you such a one? Do you have a very close family member who is? No and no? Then SHUT UP.

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