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Monday, March 12, 2018

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"The Trump drones are pathetic."

A girl shrieked and everyone froze, covering their naked flesh with whatever was at hand.

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Well...let it rip ???????????? Friday!!! ??????


There is AMPLE geographic evidence, if one has the intellectual honesty to take it for what it is.


I know better. All you have to know is that Christian claims that Jesus fulfilled prophecies are BS. Because they are.


How can you be sure about that?


Understood. Just pointing out it seems somewhat inappropriate to us out here on the outside.


yet somehow managed to get the most votes ever by any US Presidential candidate not named Obama. Sounds terrible.


Vices are alcohol and women... Both of which I have limited supply. They can act as painkillers for the mental turmoil of anxiety and depression.


No, its about observable evidence. That;s why biologists are taking design engineering courses, becasue of the "observable" evidence for design engineering principles in biology

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