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Friday, March 23, 2018

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"Tens of thousands? There were just barely over 11K firearm homicides last year, in a country of 325M people. What's that as a percentage???"

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Gowdy wants to keep his head down while this administration is in power. and even if he did, he's probably less personally loyal to Trump than Sessions.


Ah yes.... we can ALWAYS count on you to add nothing to the discussion but resort to personal attacks and idiocy.


Wow you don't know the Bible.


Drama queen bullshit is right


Are you encouraged by the prospects for Armageddon over this one? On a side note, I'm thinking it's totally insane in a country like Israel, not to run their power generation predominately on solar power and wind, but hey, they seem to be as enamored with the fossil fuel industry as our politicians are. Greed will be the end of us all, it's looking like.


You're dodging my question.

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