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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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"You didn?t answer why they would think they would be discovered. I?d their personal identities aren?t confirmed and they have no social security number how exactly is anyone going to prove they were voting? That it was actually them that registered? There?s no database of legal citizens to check against so someone actually has to look at each person after the fact. Which doesn?t happen. No one does."

I headed for the school's office, the sign out front said visitors had to check-in. The office was on the first floor of the main building, a two story building who's hallways were lined with lockers painted an ugly green-gray.

"Well, which girl in here's ffuck sluttiest?" I asked. Most of the class pointed to a slightly chubby girl in the back with a cute face, named Addison.

"Well, slut, bend over the desk and let these guys bust their first nut. " "Sure," Addison answered gleefully, and I blinked.

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It's an OP, FoundingFrog.


Hahah that'd be a great idea actually..Muenster doesn't have a strong, sharp taste either...It's basically a distinctive mild but good taste...Breaded Muenster cheese sticks would be nice right now, actually..


Thank you kindly.


"The couple had already won in court w/decision to make their marriage legal . They want everything & they want it NOW !"


Yeah that kind of sucked. I had like 2000+ followers on some accounts that I deleted. Now they?re all private.


actions and non-actions speak louder than bs.


Trump has told the American people 4,200 lies and misleading statements. You would be hard pressed to find a fraction of that from either Jackson or Sharpton.


I wonder where the heck some of my socks go when I wash my clothes.


Well, Trump's supposed to be a germophobe and urine's sterile. Makes sense. Hopefully by the time this is all over and done, the one in Moscow will be the only one he has left as he and his family has to flee before they're arrested.

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