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Saturday, March 10, 2018

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"Oh no... well I hope this is an exception!"

Before the period ended, I bent a the auburn-haired girl I initially followed into the locker room, over a bench.

Three had broken theirs during gym class this year, a few others with dildos, various phallic vegetables, horseback riding, and doing the splits. I walked down the line, eying each girl up, hefting a breast, feeling a nipple, or sliding my hand across a shaved cunt, my cock jutting hard in front of me, bouncing as I walked.

"Okay, girls, for gym class we're going to have ourselves a nice little orgy," I ordered. "So grab a partner and discover how great it is to pleasure another woman.

" Friends paired up with friends and the locker room was filled with feminine sighs and moans and giggles. Addison, the slightly plump, in a kinda sexy way, red-headed I met earlier, was bent over a bench while a Black girl ate her cunt.

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And this is why I always say "I love you" in full to relatives! Or, sometimes, "luv ya!" ??


This sounds exactly like a description of trump.


Live on a desert island. Doing real life Robinson Crusoe stuff.


Thanks! Similar to a speech impediment. A BRAIN IMPEDIMENT


"Medicaid claims are the only taxpayer dollars received by PP"


I asked how slavery, taking a slave, could be moral. You have not answered.


You think I'm a Trump supporter, but I can assure that is far from the case. My opinion of Trump is abundantly clear in these forums. Your name doesn't sound familiar so you're either new here or you haven't been here in a while to see what my opinion is on the orange cheeto....


Charging all three and convicting all three would be quite a delightful hat trick.

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