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Sunday, March 18, 2018

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"no, not a hole... it's name comes from just looking like a Turkey's nest (shape) It's a storage reservoir. A bore is sunk into the ground, and a motor draws the water up and pumps the H2O to a tank / nest or even a dam in some cases. The nest can be right beside the bore, or MANY kilometers away. generally speaking you don't lose much if any water threw seepage or evaporation. A line buried in the nest wall siphons water off to troughs where the cattle can drink it. Might be several troughs in several paddocks, depending on the situation."

"Everyone, just listen to the teacher read for Macbeth," I ordered, walking back to the class. Her name was Jessamine and I bent her over her desk, flipped up her red and green tartan skirt and pulled down a pair of frilly, yellow panties.

"Ohh, just slide it into my twat," Addison moaned, wiggling her hips. "You can do it. I won't bite!" She giggled and the guy rubbed his cock on her pussy and found her hole.

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seems you all have taken offense because i called you all out as ignorant liars which is exactly what you all are. truth hurts. None of you know GOD, yet you all have something to say, and everything you choose to say, is ignorant. And although you all seem to rate your own intelligence highly, being told you don't know something, really hurts your feelings. I dont care, i don't indulge the ignorant.


FR. I have no sovereign, I do not bow or genuflect to what others can only imagine and the ancient ogres of myth .


Of course not, they don't believe that, either.

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