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Sunday, March 11, 2018

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"This years does too if you get the Hellcat model. . . 707hp man!"

"Everyone, just listen to the teacher read for Macbeth," I ordered, walking back to the class. Her name was Jessamine and I bent her over her desk, flipped up her red and green tartan skirt and pulled down a pair of frilly, yellow panties.

"That's nasty!" Fernie moaned. Hikaru was really into licking her cunt, now. The Japanese girl's arms were wrapped around the Black girl's waist, hugging her ass.

Hikaru groip a taste of jungle fever and was devouring the Black girls pussy like it was the tasty thing in the world.

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People in the bronze age also knew that snakes couldn't talk, people couldn't walk on water, virgins didn't give birth and dead bodies didn't resurrect, must less ascend into heaven. Yet they wrote of these things nonetheless. So either they were recording what they observed or they were using parables to teach something that they had reason to believe was truth.


President Obama has posted the following about Sen McCain?s passing.


He creates light..darkness has distinction.


What kinda music do ya like?


Is that what you're doing?


Yes, you are wrong again.


"pop-tart" ? lol


Side shows have always been entertaining.

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