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Sunday, March 18, 2018

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"no, there's no chance of it happening."

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Neither are Scientologists, I am told. They come from a place called Zenu.


According to you I am also dishonest...anyone else ? ?? ??


As a Deist, I kinda sorta agree. However, for me "faith" means "I can't tell either way, it's 50/50, so I am going to lean in a direction that I happen to prefer".


If He has anything then he needs to charge someone. Other wise it's an abuse of power we wouldnt tolerate It any other situation but because you hate Trump you're willing to tolerate what would not pass muster if it was you and I being investigated.


Sorry, Sparky, but when you post bullshit, you're gonna get called on it. Over and over and over.

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