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Monday, March 12, 2018

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"Yes. In my younger, more inexperienced & much more naive days, I used to tilt pro-life. Then, having intensely studied moral philosophy & theology, & then even teaching ethics in college classrooms, I recognized my indoctrination for what it had been. Still later & at age 41, I had my first & only pregnancy, & terminated it. Now at 63, I have no regrets over that, & am still adamantly pro-choice."

Their old teacher, Mr.

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s tyler for president 2020


Many non-religious people buy into ANYTHING from "science" out of gullibility.


Jesus is that Word that created all things...of and for Him too. He may not have been called Jesus, don't think, but still.


I'm on board, but would like to see the same standards applied to all child molesters.


Good morning Jamesssss :)


Then why debate? You obviously have an inkling somewhere helmet. The guy in the jungle knows things seem to suggest its a creative space we live in. It takes rejecting of this circumstantial evidence all while accepting of some other circumstantial evidence saying something else. But it was there at one time.


Oh so awesome poetry skill I like you...... :D

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