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Friday, March 9, 2018

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"More fun to speak meme."

She shrank back, bumping into the door.

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It?s a kind of learned mental illness.


So tell us, "What were the laws of physics before the universe came into existence"?


Hooray. You looked up what the epiglottis is. Nothing to do with food getting stuck in the shared passage.


Keep trying cons, maybe something will deflect from trump's treason.


The sharks will be feeding on the corrupt DOJ/FBI gangsters that created the scandalous Dossier/ spying scheme followed by the Mueller coverup investigation witch hunt.


Again dishonest hype. Almost all killed by drunk drivers are killed by Americans.


"Them gaps be gettin' narrower ALL THE TIME, indeedy!"


An essay? ?? On us? That would be cool.

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