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Monday, March 19, 2018

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"Tired of you inanities and lack of ability to converse. I will block you so I don't have to put up with ignorance."

His blonde hair was cut short and turning white with age. Fierce, blue eyes glared at me.

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"Don't scream," I ordered, "Just relax. " I slid in a little ways into her warm, sucking cunt and felt a thin membrane and relief surged through me.

Finally, I found the last virgin I needed. "What's your name?" "April Lovel," she whispered. "Good, meet me at the flagpole after school," I told her.

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Lmao. You drink that limeade ?


Least they could do after keeping people ignorant for hundreds of years, not even letting anyone own translations of the gospels. Pretty much, if you weren't of the church, or noble, very few got educations from them.


the red and blue wolf gang!! xD


I think he is right


From your previous responses to me you have proven yourself a liar. No more time wasted with you.


(1) Is doing something simply because you are told, actually practicing morality?


ERV's are just one form of mutation. Point mutation or copy errors, etc are also factors.


It's stupid. As soon as thier commenting is switched off all together I won't be going to their website at all.


Like your ancestors.


In case you haven?t been keeping up with current events, we just got our a$$es kicked man!

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