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Friday, July 20, 2018

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"Good, so you acknowledge you don't know what you're talking about."

"Bend down and lick that piss up like a good little piss slut. " The teen crawled back and bent her hand, grimacing as she licked her urine off the dirty tiled floors.

"I signed up for second lunch for my senior year. " Whitney explained that Rogers had too many students to fit them in the cafeteria at once, so they had three lunch periods. "I had third lunch my last Kattie and it sucked. I was so hungry by the time it came around. Second period is where its at.

" The food was sloppy joes and a salad, neither of which were any good.

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I looked. Thank you. 22 papers altogether. Not even close for getting a normal professorship.


Then the dems lose on all their arguments.


Right, religious only


So what you're saying is she's been going to counseling since she first got married to Bill back in Arkansas? Because he has consistently cheated on her throughout their entire marriage, likely hundreds of times, maybe even thousands of times during their marriage.


Yes in Spanish

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