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Sunday, June 24, 2018

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I walked into the next classroom and found a very attractive teacher, young, probably fresh out of college. The teacher, Miss Blythe, according to the plaque on her desk, was a fiery-redhead bombshell with a pair of big tits straining a sleeveless, tan blouse.

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"We fuck mom and dad every night," Daisy panted as she bounced on my cock. Her sister, Rose, sat behind her, cradling her sister's boobs as she rode me cowgirl style, and kissing her neck.

"We sleep in their king sized bed and everyone just enjoys each other. " "We've become quite close," Rose giggled, licking her sister's neck. "Mom's even lezzed out with a few of our girlfriends.

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2. Hillary committed some crime somewhere but we just cant find any evidence to get an indictment. The retired grandmother is just so much smarter and more powerful than all the conservatives in power .


Brown people have almost the same thing...


Not in our universe, perhaps.


I know what you mean. It's happened plenty of times before. Like when the planet's entire population thought the universe revolved around Earth. It's nearly impossible to shake some people's beliefs when they think their beliefs are general knowledge.


"Double dipped?,,, What are you talking about"


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Yes indeed, they are mere opinions. As the atheist professor Michael Ruse has said of Dawkins and his fellow New Atheists:


God's throne is invisible to the naked physical eyes. Because if God allow sinful people to look upon His face we will die. God the Father live in a Holy City in heaven. If you wish to read about this city it is in Revelation the 21 chapter.

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