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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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"he was too preoccupied trying to decide whether to have ICE come in and check the girl sitting next to him. Honest mistake."

She girltriend moaning when the girls came in, biting her lip and looking away in shame. "No," the Black girl admitted while her White friend nodded her head.

She shrank back, bumping into the door. It swung inward so she was trapped between me and the door. "Mrs. Korrapti," the girl said.

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You have polled the hetero community have you?


Discriminating against customers because of their LGBTQ+ status most certainly does.


WHat's in a name ? HRC is still a Dem and was the taught by the Grand Wizard of West Virgina !


The knowledge of good and evil is what we know as the conscience of man. That comes from God. The fact that men go against their own conscience shows that it is not necessarily controlling him, but actually a part of man given to help guide him, much as animals have an inbuilt compass or map or knowledge about certain things never learned. Again, given by God.


REALLY? How can we miss that?


This thread hardly represents what most Catholics think.


^^^voted for the rapist in office right now. Cons are the bigliest hypocrites EVER!


that was my second guess.

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