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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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"pies/bombers = same/same... yeah I heard there was a "communication mix-up" and he's been recruited by St. Kilda... lol"

"You're going to be. with our girls.

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Then her blue jeans came off. She was slim, with boyish hips and a flat ass. She flushed when I saw her panties, still looking down at the floor. She reached behind her, fumbling at her bra clasp, and her breasts were revealed as she slipped her bra off her shoulder.

Her breasts were little puffs of flesh, with dark, hard nipples. Finally, she peeled off her panties, exposing a black forest of pubic hair, so thick I couldn't even see her cunt.

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If things seem to be created for a purpose, then that is evidence of both a purpose and a creator. Not proof, but evidence. I don't understand the contemporary usage of "evidence". I'm constantly hearing the equivalent of "The bank window was broken and the vault is empty, but there's no evidence of a robbery"


while I understand the response, please refrain from the name calling on the channel.


if you mean, agriculture work, that's about 4% today, meaning most come here for other types of work, including those from central America


My definition of a true friend would be... He or she is nice, supportive, loves puns, cause I do puns sometimes.


But all jews were accused of doing that, while it was true that some jews did that. It is the accusation that has effect. Facts are not useful out of context or when they are used to mislead. .


Yep I remember our first one the remote control was attached with a wire.

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