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Sunday, March 11, 2018

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"No, the CCCR follows the Supreme Court precedent that WORDS and SYMBOLS are speech and any business can decline customized cake projects that include words or symbols that are offensive to them."

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I was afms, and the cafeteria was just up the hall from the locker room.

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See, I respect the position. I don't have to respect the man.


I think we've already got baskets, don't we?


We all know it is the shroud for Bob Dobbs.


According to who, you? That isn?t the reason he gave.


He made us in his own image, so as a rational being, I can assume God has some rational capacity of his own, which we can analyze.


And you think it's normal?


Being trusted users now, I dont think the mods see your posts unless you transgress...

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