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Thursday, March 22, 2018

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"You have a legal right not to be slandered in public or libeled in print. It is THE LAW."

So I followed the honey-blonde teen into the locker room.

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No, there isn't. If there was, the evidence of it would be nearly identical in the same level of strata regardless of where you tested it on Earth.


Of course :) ??


That's more of a description of National Socialism.


Yep but Wayne told me you spent most of the weekend with several foolscap pads practising .....


Mueller has only been the head of the Trump Russia investigation since May of 2017, when he was appointed by the Trump DOJ as a Special Counsel as a result of Trump firing the head of the FBI, which had previously been conducting the investigation.


Well, you must include yourself in that too, considering the fact that your original comment (just below this one) called everyone on the left a "Diapercrat."


Of course, you can find love among vipers, snakes, tyranny, etc, and there's No excuse for evil to exist in light of love and goodness per se. Btw, "hate" isn't one of my characteristics, so take it back buster.

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