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Thursday, March 22, 2018

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"An accusation of guilt by association with people who have plead guilty to process crimes and 2 bucks will get you a cop of coffee."

"Why don't you fuck her tight ass," I told the janitor. The girl moaned in pain as the janitor's cock slid into her cornhole.

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" "I bet she will," Melody answered with a saucy smile. As I left the janitor's closet, I felt like had I accomplished a lot today. I fucked more cunts then I ever thought I could, putting my sexual stamina wish to the test and it did not let me down. I wondered how many of those girls were on birth control.

Maybe I knocked a few up, I thought with a smile.

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To oppose all religion because of this is irrational. It's rational to specifically oppose the groups who do it.


It's so fqucked up, but it's true. SMH


Me neither... you know I don?t know what I?m saying 90% of the time ??????


Nothing but Bible quotes.


Come on, even you can't be this thick.

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