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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

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"If we eliminate all orally ingested food, choking deaths will be virtually eliminated!"

Before the period ended, I bent a the auburn-haired girl I initially followed into the locker room, over a bench.

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Her ass was tight and hot on my cock as I reamed her ass, pulling on her auburn ponytail, and I shuddered when I came inside her. Sadly, the period was over too soon and I had my virgin to find.

The girls, reluctantly, got dressed, and a few were talking about having a slumber party tonight to continue. I wish I could be there, but Mary's family was coming over for dinner and I was hoping to fuck both her sisters tonight.

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She needs to go to a female specialist! If she won't go then she doesn't care about your needs too and that would be AWFUL!


You have pretty good taste!


That is the extra irony of this situation. This guy wants to appear holy, but according to Christian beliefs, everyone is a sinner. Plus it doesn't say making a cake for a gay wedding is a sin.


Children with an illness that would have had been prevented by a vaccine had it not been for their idiot parents pose a risk to babies too young to be vaccinated or children that can't be vaccinated for other medical reasons.


These guys are Trump supporters, and you know it.

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