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Monday, March 19, 2018

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"Lucretius, Igatius may have been born in ca 37 CE, but his writings date 105-115 CE (see, eg,"

I could order her to moan, but I'd rather she did it on her own. So, I slid a hand down her side, reaching down to her groin and started to pinch her clit with my fingers.

She pulled out a binder labeled, "Visitor Badges," from a drawer. She dug around the spilled pens and found a permanent sharpie and wrote, "Mark, Pussy Scout," on the badge and peeled it off the page. "This needs to be worn at all times, Mark.

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Obama an the CIA also staged the coup on the government of Ukraine. The obama government was also behind the assassination of Gadaffi.


So Captain Jack Sparrow made his fortune writing rock songs but never ever sold the rights for those songs to be played. \sarc


No, Trump and Jr. provided that evidence themselves. Getting on TV and admitting you fired your FBI Director because of an investigation is obstruction. So is the hundreds of tweets harassing the DOJ.


Thay all had to pick up their game when you joined Wen :-)))


No, they aren't. But they beat anything else in the situation of defense.


A hot head when?


You have not presented any evidence.


Yes, it is economic slavery when you work and someone else gets the benefit who does not work.

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